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TNT Wars

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The information in this article is no longer needed and kept for archival purposes.

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Blocktopia TNT Wars Server
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TNT Wars
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The TNT Wars server was added to the community on the 6th of August, 2010 and was the 4th server to be added to our community. It is a server where you can come to explode people, work as a team, chill out, and generally have fun! Similar to other servers Blocktopia has to offer, it is constantly near full and if you are part of the heated wars that take place, you can easily see why. It is unique, no other server in Minecraft offers the same. The server has been built off iCraft and made into the TNT Wars server by our developer destroyerx1.


The aim of the server is to be on the team with the most kills at the end of a round. You have the option to join either the red or blue team, and once you have joined one, you will be taken into the map for battle. You can easily spot the other team by the colour of their team skin. There are a wide range of maps which will challenge your gameplay and strategies used to kill the other team. All of the maps attempt to be fair for each team so that no one team has an advantage based on the terrain.

Basic Information

Each round lasts ten minutes. There are a whole range of weapons which are available for your disposal in order to kill the opposite team, although most will cost you points to use. The main weapon in your arsenal will be the TNT block, which is completely free to use. After three seconds of placing a TNT block in the game, it will explode and anybody caught in the blast will die. Saving up for better and bigger weapons may help you gain more kills and mean that your team wins more often, but it will begin to drain your point supply!

For every kill that is made, the team will earn a point and the killer will be given a certain amount of store points based on how many kills they've made previously, how many in a row, and also how many died in the explosion.


On August the 6th 2011, celebrating the 1st year anniversary that TNT Wars have been up for, TNT Wars underwent server maintenance and patched up to 1.1, also known as Beta. Amidst a huge list of changes, bugfixes and adjustments, each player that logged in was rewarded ten snowbombs, a unique, unobtainable item. It was also the date that TNT Wars surpassed 70,000 unique visitors. The upgrade also marked the complete wipe of all kills, deaths, points, upgrades and inventories, and a new point gain method to slow down how fast people gained points, which can be seen here.


Throughout the lifespan of TNT Wars, several events have been held in interest of the community. These ranged from fully fledged tournament arrangements to simpler map competitions. So far TNT Wars has had six events, of which three were map competitions, two were a tournament and one was a teamskin challenge. The next event will be announced soon.

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